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Дракон из Тараскона.

The city of Nerluc in France was renamed Tarascon in honor of the killing of a dragon there, called the Tarasque. This animal was bigger than an ox and had long, sharp, pointed horns on its head. There were a number of different horned dinosaurs, like the Triceratops.
[Info & image: "The Great Dinosaur Mystery" by Paul Taylor]
Here is an old postcard from the city with the spiked beast.

The Tarasque haunted the banks of the River Rhone in Nerluc. It had six limbs and was spawned by the serpent Leviathan, but in time it came to haunt Southern France. A traveller named Jacques du Bois was journeying along the banks of that river one evening, and he was so focused on the terrifying rumours he had heard of the Tarasque that he failed to hear a deep rumble. Suddenly the Tarasque appeared and with a deafening roar, it ignited the luckless du Bois with a steady stream of fire.

St. Martha, whose inspirational preaching had brought joy and hope to all that met her, was implored to free the townspeople of Nerluc. When she encountered the Tarsque, she held two branches up in the shape of a cross and the mighty creature was subdued. She led it back to Nerluc with a woven collar with braids of her hair and the townspeople grew fearless, kicking and hurling rocks at the Tarasque. It cowered in fright and St. Martha pleaded with the people to forgive the beast, but to no avail.
And this is what the famous Tarasque Dragon looked like to the citizens of Tarascon

...before Darwinists christened it an "Ankylosaur" dragon!
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