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Старая фотография

Бельгийское Конго.

Commander Attilio Gatti with two pygmies and the gorilla he had killed. Belgian Congo. ca 1930

Yasayama woman with scarification. Belgian Congo. ca. 1940s | ©C. Lamote

Mangabethu woman, ‘Belgian Congo’, 1913 - photo by Herbert Lang

Bakutu Woman - Belgium Congo | Photographer C. Lamote - Ivy’s Albums, ca. 1940

Tribesman, Belgian Congo, 1947.

Bashi (Banyabongo), Belgisch-Kongo (Kivu), ca. 1945/50 © ROSMANT (BE, unknown) / collection Fotomuseum Antwerpen

Amadi woman. Okondo’s Village, Belgian Congo. ca. 1909 - 1915 || ©Lang-Chapin Congo Expedition.

Eliot Elisofon, Bope Mabinshe, King of the Bakuba tribe, dressed in a heavily embroidered tribal costume, Belgian Congo, February 1947.

Eliot Elisofon, Belgian Congo, February 1947.

Lisala: Couple dans une plantation

Bakutu woman. Tshuapa, Boende, Belgian Congo (today, the Democratic Republic of Congo) | C. Lamote. ca. 1957

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