March 9th, 2013

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The print was possibly intended as a pattern used by cutters of ivory or wood, or as a sort of 'Bestiary in pictorial form' for popular consumption. Comparable animal subjects of this period are found in drawing albums attributed to Giovannino de' Grassi (Lombardy, second half XIV century) and Michelino da Besozzo (Lombardy, first half of XV century). British Museum.

Дракончик и русалка

Renaldos and Armida. 1680-1725.
Rinaldo, dressed in armour and holding a shield, asleep against a tree, his sword and plumed helmet beside him; standing over him, Armida, wearing a loose robe, and placing garlands of flowers on him; four putti in attendance, one holding a bow; in a pool at bottom right, a nude female with a fish's tail; on the left, a chariot pulled by two dragons; landscape with trees and mountains. Mezzotint
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