July 6th, 2013

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Этрусская печень для гадания.

The Ancient Etruscan Liver of Piacenza, found in 1877 near Gossolengo, Italy. This bronze artifact is a life-sized model of a sheep’s liver, and is believed to be a tool for priests practicing haruspicy (a form of divination which involves inspecting the entrails of sacrificed animals). It is thought to date to the 2nd-3rd centuries BC, and is covered in writing of the names of Etruscan deities.
Courtesy & currently located at the Municipal Museum of Piacenza, in the Palazzo Farnese, Italy. Photo taken by Lokilech.

Инструменты заплечных дел мастеров...

Medieval torture devices and modern human rights abuses are not two things that are often mentioned within the same sentence. However, at the Medieval Criminal Museum in San Gimignano they go hand in hand. The museum houses an impressive array of medieval torture devices including the uncomfortably spiked inquisitorial chairs, and a simply murderous looking device labeled ‘the heretics fork’. Сайт музея...