November 13th, 2013

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Scent bottle and stopper

Scent bottle and stopper
possibly factory of Bernard Perrot (Italian, active in France, 1619–1709)
Date: late 17th century Medium: Dark amethyst ("black"), opaque white, pink, dark and light blue, dark brown, yellow, and colorless glass; iron. Lampworked, trailed, gilt. Dimensions: H. with stopper 6.2 cm, diam. 4.5 cm. Classification: Glass
The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Doing the Elegant
DescriptionA monkey reclining on a sofa, head propped on its elbow, looking ahead to left, smoking an ornate pipe; after Bateman. 1847
Colour mixed method mezzotint
Producer nameAfter: James Bateman biographyPublished by: Lloyd Brothers biographyPrint made by: Alfred Lucas biography
 Trustees of the British Museum