January 19th, 2014

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An incredibly striking engraving of animals under a night sky (including a depressed looking unicorn) from Antoine Vérard’s 1494 L’Art de bien vivre et de bien mourir (“The Art of Living Well and of Dying Well”).

Architect's table

Architect's table
David Roentgen (German, Herrnhag 1743–1807 Wiesbaden, master 1780)
Date: ca. 1780–95 Culture: German Medium: Oak, mahogany, walnut, pine, and cherry, veneered with mahogany; gilt bronze, brass, iron, steel; partially tooled and gilded leather
The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Рука мумии с перстнем-скарабеем.

Left hand of a very young child (about 2-4 years old), broken off across the distal part of the radius and ulna. All fingers are extended. The hand has been unwrapped, there are no remains of linen. The skin is dark brown in colour with a reddish hue in places. The finger-nails of thumb and little finger are well preserved, the others lost. On the ring-finger is a flat gold ring with a green felspar scarab of simple type (length 0.8, width 0.6, height 0.4 cm).

Effects of the Planets and Signs of the Zodiac

Effects of the Planets and Signs of the Zodiac
engraver Sadeler, Jan, I | Flemish | 1550-1600
artist Vos, Maarten de | Flemish | 1532-1603
creation date 1585
publisher Sadeler, Jan, I
mark descriptions Engraved inscription: lower center "Joan. Sadler Sculp. et excud." and lower right "M. de Vos figu." Verso: stamped, lower left, in purple ink, with the collector's mark of Ed. Schultze (died about 1900, Lugt 906).


London BL - Harley 1340 f. 4r Pope Benedict XI with double-headed dragon
Vaticinia de Pontificibus
Prophecy of the popes
London British Library Harley 1340
Attributed to Joachim of Fiore
Florence, Italy, 2nd quarter of the 15th century