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Миниатюры. Животные. Существа.

Fabulous animal.Lewis E 185, FLP

Manticora -- Manticora, wearing yellow hat, turns head toward rear. M. 81 f. 38v, Morgan Library

Parandrus. M. 81 f. 39r, Morgan Library

Calandrius. M. 81 f. 60v, Morgan Library

Pelican in her Piety. M. 81 f. 61v, Morgan Library

Phoenix, Resurrection. M. 81 f. 62v, Morgan Library

Crocodile. M. 81 f. 69r, Morgan Library

Basilisk. M. 81 f. 79r, Morgan Library

Hydrus -- Crocodile swallows hydrus. M. 81 f. 83v, Morgan library

Centaur. MS M. 81 f. 10v, Morgan Library

Fox feigning death. MS M. 81 f. 11v, Morgan Library

Hyena pillaging Grave. M. 81 f. 13v, Morgan Library

Crocodile swallows winged hydrus whose head emerges from belly of the crocodile

Hydra. M. 81 f. 16r, Morgan Library

Three sirens hold their fish tails. One siren holds comb, and two others hold fish
M. 81 f. 17r, Morgan Library

Griffin carries off boar in its claws. M. 81 f. 36v, Morgan Library

Bonnacon -- Among four hunters, one raises axe, and another holds shield. M. 81 f. 37r, Morgan Library

Lions with young. MS M. 81 f. 8r, Morgan Library

A Dragon-like Animal with Wings. MS. LUDWIG XV 4, FOL. 73V
A Pelican Feeding her Young. Ms. Ludwig xv 4, fol. 75

A Unicorn with its Head in the Lap of a Maiden. Ms. Ludwig xv 4, fol. 85v
A Crocodile Devouring a Water Snake. Ms. Ludwig xv 4, fol. 88v

Tags: Дракончик, Миниатюры, Монстры, Существа

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