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Вышивка на мундирах французской армии

Gold embroidered epaulette- French officer's uniform

Elegant gold embroidery on red velvet - part of French officer's uniform
Hand-embroidered, ca. 1800. The details are breathtaking. It's also amazing that this and so many other uniforms survived.

Gold embroidery on red wool collar - one of Napoleon's uniforms
This hand-embroidered uniform is ca. 1800.

Gold embroidered oak leaves - lapels of one of Napoleon's uniforms

Gold oak leaf embroidery on epaulette - French uniform

Gold embroidered oak leaves and buttons - French officer's uniform

Elaborate gold embroidery on high-ranking French officer's uniform

Elaborate embroidery on saddle

Elaborately embroidered piece - part of a saddle

Elaborate embroidery on high-ranking French officer - silver embroidery on green velvet

Ornate oak leaf gold embroidered panel - French officer's uniform

French military uniform - embroidery detail including medal with eagle

Buttons and gold oak leaf embroidery - French officer's uniform

Gold embroidered epaulette - French uniform

Elegant and elaborate embroidery on horse saddle

Uniform with gold and silver embroidery - fleur-de-lis and cross

Silver and gold embroidery on red cloth - cross with fleur-de-lis

Gold and silver embroidery with red cloth flames - French soldier's uniform

Red French uniform with silver embroidery

Все фото  Monceau

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