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Finial; boxwood; carved in form of two terminal figures with intertwined tails; lion mask and human mask between them.
Production placeMade in: Flanders
Trustees of the British Museum

Tags: Резьба, Русалки

  • Убийство.

    Kazumasa Ogawa (Japanese, 1860 - 1929) Wood Carving, 1897, Hand-colored albumen silver print 18.7 × 25.4 cm (7 3/8 × 10 in.)…

  • Русалка

    1420-1430. BnF Français 12575 f.89r

  • Лётчик и ихтиандриха.

    Gentile di Niccolò, detto Gentile da Fabriano, (Fabriano 1370 ca. - Roma 1427). Storie di S. Nicola di Bari, 1425. Tempera su tavola,…

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