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Сenter table by Carlo Bugatti

Walnut octagonal center table by Carlo Bugatti (1856-1940), inlaid with pewter, brass and bone, upholstered with parchment.
Rare and important suite of five pieces of furniture by Carlo Bugatti comprising a writing desk, a center table, a settee and two chairs all in walnut and ebonised wood, inlaid with pewter, copper, brass and bone, fitted with hammered copper reliefs and upholstered with vellum. Turin, Italy circa 1902.
Carlo Bugatti was a famous designer active at the turn of the century. His pieces are rare and highly prized. He was the father of Rembrandt Bugatti who was a renowned sculptor, his work is also highly valuable and very rare since he died at 32. Ettore Bugatti, his other son founded the Bugatti Motor Car Company.
Provenance: purchased from the descendants of the original owners - a Romanian family. The pieces were purchased directly from the Carlo Bugatti workshop in 1902. All the pieces bare the export stamp from Bucharest.

Пара стульев.

Victorian Masculine Chair
This chair is an example of a chair designed for masculine use in the 1840’s and 1850’s. It was designed and made by Henry Eyles who made it for the Great Exhibition to show his skills. The plaque of Prince Albert is supposed to celebrate his role in planning the exhibition. The chair includes emblems such as a lion, shamrock, rose and thistle, to incorporate a nationalist theme. This chair was one of a pair, with the other depicting Queen Victoria.

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